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In The Weeds offers a robust support system for individuals in the restaurant, hospitality, hotel, and tourism industries, providing tools to enhance their lifestyles. Explore our range of benefits, from discounts at local spas to team-building adventures like paddleboarding, complemented by camaraderie through support groups and themed book clubs. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of self-care and well-being in Southwest Colorado's hospitality and tourism sector.
Visit us at 1211 Main Ave. #5 & 6, Durango, CO, 81301, and discover collaborations with local businesses offering a variety of resources for personal well-being. Come taste what we have to offer below!


 Menu of Programs 

Yoga |

Stop by our office and pick up an In The Weeds membership pass. This pass grants you access to any yoga class at the following yoga studios:




Self-Care Sundays Yoga on the River in Pagosa Springs
Join us May 19th - September 29th at Meander Riverside Eatery from 9:30 - 10:30am 
Bring a friend, mat, towel, hat, and water, and enjoy yoga!


Rock Climbing


Join us every Tuesday from 2 - 3:30pm at Gravity Lab in Durango to climb and connect with others in the industry!

Mise en


Join us every fourth Thursday of the month at Manna's Culinary Kitchen from 3:30 to 5pm to learn a new kitchen skill from a local Chef in Southwest Colorado and connect with others in the restaurant and food industry.





Attention restaurant and hospitality workers! Want to get outside but don't have access to gear? We've got you covered! From snowboards and snowshoes to stand-up paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, crash pads, and personal flotation devices, we offer a variety of equipment. Fill out the form below to borrow some gear!
We kindly request a $20 donation to assist with gear upkeep and maintenance.




Looking to connect with others in the industry and enjoy hiking, snowboarding/skiing, snowshoeing, camping, lake days, and more while relishing the company of fellow enthusiasts? Join us for some fantastic group activities! Check out the event calendar to see if we have any exciting group outings coming up, or follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated (bottom of page)!




We offer various training opportunities for individuals in the industry. Whether you aim to enhance your Spanish/English proficiency, gain insights into financial literacy, develop skills for meaningful conversations with colleagues or within your circles, or wish to learn safe Naloxone (Narcan) administration, we've got you covered! Discover our upcoming trainings by following us on social media, checking our event calendar, or subscribing to our newsletter (located at the bottom of the page).

We're always looking to expand our programs, especially as we're expanding to Archuleta and Montezuma County if you have any suggestions please take our Needs Assessment! 

Bringing the Food

 Project Angel Shot 

In The Weeds is working within the community to implement proactive measures against sexual assault in the bar and restaurant scene. Working side-by-side on this project with Durango SASO and the Durango Police Department (DPD), our hope is to strengthen the positive impact on the community.

The Single Angel Shot:
•    When ordered, the patron is notifying the bartender that they feel uncomfortable or unsafe and they need the bartender to call them a ride home by either helping them contact a friend or a taxi.
•    Dispatch may not be contacted for a single Angel Shot unless the situation escalates or in the event that no rides are available. 
The Double Angel Shot:
•    When ordered, the patron is notifying the bartender that they need the Durango Police Department to be called. 
•    This shot being ordered can mean that the patron feels their drink has been roofied, or that they have been sexually harassed or assaulted. They feel their safety is seriously at risk. No matter the reason, the patron wants police involvement.

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 Need Naloxone   (Narcan)? 

In The Weeds is working to expand Harm Reduction efforts to those working in the restaurant/hospitality industry. If you or your staff would like to learn more about how to safely administer Naloxone (also known as Narcan) we are happy to set up a training, or check to see if we're already hosting a training in our event calendar! 

For those in the restaurant and hospitality industry, learning how to use Naloxone is crucial. Think of it as adding an extra layer of safety to your toolkit, like knowing how to handle a fire extinguisher. In a bustling environment where you're constantly interacting with people, being prepared for emergencies, like someone experiencing an opioid overdose, can make a big difference. It's about being ready to respond and potentially save a life, showing that hospitality extends beyond just serving food and drinks—it's about looking out for each other's well-being too.


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