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Un pase directo a recompensas por elegir un estilo de vida más saludable. 

What is it?

Top S(h)elf Care is a program designed to reward healthy lifestyle choices for industry members. We aim to encourage restaurant and hospitality staff to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing through fun, healthy incentives.

What's our vision?

We want to encourage you to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing and provide you with fun, healthy incentives to keep those habits up. By providing rewards for positive behaviors, we hope to create a supportive environment that enhances overall wellbeing.

 Benefits of Participating 

 For Employers 

  • Support your staff’s mental health and wellness needs.

  • Enhance employee satisfaction and retention by offering valuable benefits.

  • Contribute to a sustainable program that supports the entire restaurant community.

  • Strengthen your team by promoting healthy and positive choices.

For Individuals

  • Access rewards that promote and support your mental and physical health.

  • Engage in a supportive community that values your wellbeing.

  • Participate in a program that recognizes and rewards your positive efforts.

 How does it work? 

This program is supported by The Payroll Department Matching Grant and contributions from La Plata County restaurant owners or fundraiser held by individuals wanting to participate.

 For Employers 

  • Determine Participation: Restaurants/Employers decide how many staff members will participate in the program and determine how many cards they would like to donate to In The Weeds at a time. 

  • Donate: Employers donate to Top S(h)elf Card, each priced at $10, to receive a $25 Top S(h)elf Care card.

  • Card Distribution: Once you donate, In The Weeds will disburse the Top S(h)elf Care cards to your designated point of contact. Then this will get distributed to staff that would like to participate. 

For Individuals

  • Self-Donation: Individuals can donate to Top S(h)elf Care for themselves if their employer does not participate.

  • Fundraising: Individuals can also fundraise for In The Weeds on their social media platforms by including our Fundraising link.

    • For example, raising $200 will get you 20 punch cards to redeem.

 Top S(h)elf Card 

 How does it work? 

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  • Once staff receive their own Top S(h)elf card, they must hold onto it and get a circle signed off by a manager or supervisor for positive choices or behaviors focusing on their mental well-being.

  • Examples include but not limited to:

    • rejecting a shift drink and having water instead

    • focusing on quitting drinking/not smoking/etc. 

    • helping team members

    • checking on team members

    • taking necessary breaks

    • focusing on mental health

    • and more 

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 Redemption Process 

  • Once staff have all 10 punches completed/signed off

  • Staff will need to contact In The Weeds at (970) 880-1570, via email, the contact form below, or DM us on social media to set up a time to redeem a Top S(h)elf Care card.

  • In The Weeds will provide a Speedway Gas or Natural Grocers gift card in exchange for a completed punch card, each valued at $25.

This ensures that staff members have reduced costs in basic needs to promote a healthier lifestyle, both physically and financially.

If you still have old Top S(h)elf Cards filled out, In The Weeds will accept up to 2 completed cards per person for redemption.

 How to Donate or Fundraise for   Top S(h)elf Care 


Fundraise for In The Weeds on your social media platforms (Instagram or Facebook) using our Donation link.


Employers and Individuals can also directly donate to Top S(h)elf Care by using the link here, or getting connected with In The Weeds. 

Get in Touch with us to chat more about Top S(h)elf

1211 Main Ave. #5 & 6

Durango, CO. 81301


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