We know that some things we would love to do in our industry are sometimes hard to achieve through our personal financial means or simply time away from the restaurant. That is why we try to offer times that match up to the restaurant world's schedule and make accessibility as easy as possible.


Every first and third Monday at 2 pm we gather in the "Secret Garden" at the Rochester Hotel in Durango to discuss any and all topics. If it is about getting to the bottom of the bottle each night, or issues with a guest or manager; we dare ya to bring it!


Every Wednesday in Buckley Park at 6:30 PM we do DDP Yoga with Mike Grinnell. Working on building strength in your core is paramount to longevity in this field. We are sure we all know many co-workers who have had to have back/ankle/knee/shoulder surgeries from injuries sustained at work. Even though this may not prevent any injuries, we can say first hand that it helps us through our own personal injuries so that we can work long hours.


Every first and third Thursday we meet again at 2 pm in the secret garden to discuss relevant topics within the industry. These can range from physical health, buying a house, most valuable position in the restaurant, and, well pandemics.


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our other events and activities. Although and individual's mental health is our primary focus, we believe there are multiple solutions to stress through. That is why throughout the year will will offer physical activities (like rafting, yoga, and other outdoor activities), financial workshops (home buying, budgeting, etc), and hopefully social activities as well. These are all goals and are limited currently due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 


Every third Wednesday we host a zoom in call a 2 pm for those of us that may be distancing, or unable to physically appear to the other groups! This is a great way to stay connected to our Durango family and meet others from different areas within the industry! The link is the same for each one here


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