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Gio's Fundraiser!

So back in 2013, I moved out here to Durango from Arkansas. I was tasked as lead line cook at Carver Brewing Company. My co-chef for the job was this fella Gio. We were the "Jefe's", but I chose "Bato" rather because I wanted to be cool. He was the one who taught me all the Spanish I know, and all that Spanish that I know will probably just get my ass kicked down in THE South. It was scary to hear that my Jefe Gio had been hospitalized for over a month, and of that a month on a ventilator due to CoViD-19. Dude is like 3 years younger than me! Still in his 20s! Once again left without health insurance and a bill that will make a grown man shit his pants. Let's help this BATO out!

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