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Co-workers and their importance

*Originally published February 4th, 2019*

So tonight I was thinking about those I have worked with and why their influence and approval were so important to me. It became aware of how there are so many of us in the industry that may come from broken homes, lost parents, or just don't see our heroes/mentors/family enough to the strenuous hours in the industry. Thus, our family becomes those who we work with. Then we get off work at a much different time than the rest of the world, which leads us to hanging out with the people we work with. Finally, that hour we typically get off; the only thing open or to do is to go out to the bars. Thus this never ending spiral of partying and hangovers. In conclusion, the hardest thing is to decline going out with your "family" because they are the only ones who may accept you or you have to socialize with.

Now, how to change that? This is the question that may prove to be the most challenging. I have overcome some personal challenges of just going home. I think one that has helped is just being completely honest with my friends and family and saying something like "Hey I am really trying to change my habits, therefore I would appreciate it if I were not invited out tonight, and thank you all for including me in the festivities!" And this has helped surprisingly with the understanding amongst them. Honesty is huge, not only with others, but with yourself. Another goal is to find those peers that are interested in changing some of those habits and learning to activities to do - late night. So I am interested in seeing what is to come...

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